Ever since I was a little girl I had longed for my wedding day. For my knight in shining armor to sweep me off my feet and rescue me from a life of loneliness. As a child I was so hopeful that it would all be so easy, that it would be effortless to fall in love and live happily ever after. But as I matured into a young adult I began to realize it was not that simple. I searched high and low, far and wide hurting myself in the process. Where was my prince? Why was it all so complicated? Without even realizing it my fragile heart began to lose hope. I began to despair that I would never find him. I turned to empty things in an attempt to fill the void of my heart, but with each failed attempt the void seemed to grow. Maybe I wasn’t meant to find my prince. Maybe I was meant to live my entire life alone. Perhaps the throne of my heart would remain empty forever.

But I was wrong. In my need I heard a voice whisper to me. This voice was unlike any I had heard. It was strong, but gentle. It told me that I was loved.

Searching for love but all I found was counterfeit. I was looking for him in all the wrong places when all along he was sitting on his throne simply waiting for me to acknowledge him, to crown him as the groom of my heart.