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The ultimate source of truth is the divinely inspired Scriptures. Anything that contradicts God’s Holy Word is not truth. All truth comes from God because He is truth. Jesus himself said, “I am the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6). What He says is the final authority on everything. I believe that Satan is the master of lies, and he will do anything he can to pollute God’s truth. If he can distort the truth even just a little he has achieved his purposes. But God’s truth is far more powerful than Satan’s lies. God can use any messenger He wants to speak to me including movies, sunsets and other people. I believe I can hear messages of His truth through anything because all truth is God’s truth. No matter its medium, God’s truth can be communicated directly to my soul. He is so amazing like that. Nuggets of truth can be found in anything because He is the Lord of everything. Knowing that Scripture is the ultimate source of truth is important because I can use it as a weapon against Satan’s flaming arrows. When Satan whispers his lies in order to trip me up I know I can turn to God’s Word to remind myself of His divine truth. This is important to me because whenever I am struggling with knowing if something is from God I can look at His Word to find the truth. And I know that the truth will sent me free.